When young people are facing legal challenges, you need a compassionate caring attorney who can help. At The Martin Law Firm, we provide services for children who need help with the juvenile justice system. We are committed to protecting the rights of a child who is charged with a minor crime. Additionally, when a child is being removed from their home because of a custody dispute, abuse allegations or because of other potential danger, we offer Guardian ad Litem services.

We focus our juvenile law practice on only these two areas because we want to ensure that these young people get the help and representation they need. We provide these services:

Juvenile Delinquency

While an adult is offered the benefit of a jury trial, a juvenile who is arrested is heard only before a judge. It is imperative that a child have a skilled attorney on their side to ensure that all possible options for punishment are explored outside of any form of incarceration. There are many programs offered by the Ohio justice system for young people who have been charged with minor crimes. You should contact The Martin Law Firm immediately if your child has been arrested or detained so we may speak with him as soon as possible. Time is always of the essence since a child must have a hearing within 72 hours of being arrested.

Guardian ad Litem

The interests of a child must always be taken into consideration when parents are going through a divorce, when there is abuse in the home or when the parents are at risk of having their custodial rights removed. At The Martin Law Firm, we take court appointments as Guardian ad Litem very seriously and we understand our first priority is always to the child. Our goal is always singular: To make sure the child is treated fairly and their rights are protected during family court matters and criminal matters. We will do the necessary research to present the court a plan of that is most beneficial to the child.

Young people often make bad choices which can result in them facing criminal charges. However, there are options to incarceration including community service and diversion programs that can help prevent them from making these mistakes again. Whether you have a young child facing a minor criminal charge or a charge of delinquency or your parental rights are being challenged and you need a competent Guardian ad Litem to protect your child’s rights, contact The Martin Law Firm at our Dayton Ohio office at (937) 503-7788 or our Columbus Ohio office at (614) 769-7534