Personal Injury

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When you have suffered an injury because someone behaved in a negligent manner, you have the right to certain compensation. Proving personal injury cases in Ohio requires the help of an attorney who is willing to spend the necessary time to ensure you get the compensation you are entitled to under the law. At The Martin Law Firm, we help those victims who have suffered a whole range of injuries including:

Workers’ Compensation

Job-related injuries can mean thousands of dollars in additional medical costs and lost time from work. While workers’ compensation does prevent you from suing your employer, if the accident occurred because of negligence of a contractor, equipment manufacturer or another worker, you may be able to file a personal injury suit for additional compensation. The Martin Law Firm can also assist you with denied workers’ compensation claims.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

While roadway accidents are decreasing across the Dayton and Columbus Ohio areas, this is no consolation when you or a loved one suffers an injury because another driver failed to exercise proper caution. Drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or those are driving distracted need to be held accountable for their poor judgment. We can help victims collect compensation for their injuries and time lost from work.

Dog Bites

The most common victim of an animal bite is a child. Being bitten by a dog can mean facial scars or other scars but sometimes the worst scars are the invisible ones. Ohio law does not allow dogs a “free bite”, owners are responsible for any injuries a victim suffers including paying all medical bills and potentially paying for pain and suffering.

Slip and Fall

When you enter a place of business you do so with the expectation the company has taken steps to ensure your safety. When a business owner fails to take proper precautions and you suffer an injury as a result of a fall, we can help hold them accountable for their lack of action.

Wrongful Death

When you’ve suffered the trauma of losing a loved one suddenly we understand money cannot make up for that loss. When the death of a loved one is caused by the action or inaction of a third-party, they should be held financially accountable for your losses. The Martin Law Firm is committed to ensuring your family gets the compensation they are entitled to when someone’s actions or inaction leads to death.

Product Liability

Manufacturers should be held accountable when someone is burned because an appliance was poorly manufactured or because they failed to warn your physician about the side effects of a drug that you were prescribed. Reporting an accident or injury because of a defective product is imperative to help ensure the safety of others. However, this isn’t enough; the company should be held financially liable for the injuries or illness they were responsible for due to their negligence.

Motorcycle Accidents

Automobile and truck drivers on the roadway often ignore the obvious hazards faced by motorcycle operators. When another driver causes you injury in a motorcycle accident, our job is to help hold them accountable for the lack of care and concern they demonstrated. As a personal injury attorney, The Martin Law Firm can help you recover compensation for your injuries including your medical bills and lost time from work.

Ohio personal injury laws can be very confusing. The two main points that victims need to be aware of is there is a time limit of two years after the date of the accident to file a personal injury suit. You will need to work closely with a personal injury attorney quickly to establish who was responsible for the injuries you suffered because of Ohio’s comparative fault statutes. Contact The Martin Law Firm at our Dayton Ohio office at (937) 503-7788 or our Columbus Ohio office at (614) 769-7534 to discuss your options if you’ve suffered an injury because someone else’s action caused an accident.